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Arietta the Wild
• Tales of the Abyss

STATUS: Mongrel (Pet)
AGE: 18
PLAYER: Sarah [plurk.com profile] randomsnarfle


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2016-03-24 09:08 pm
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Reggie's Revenge

The Story So Far...

10/17 - Mephisto tells Gyro about some entity that is stalking Arietta and asks him to keep an eye on her, because of her connection to Rin. Although he has no plans to tell Rin, he doesn't put the same restriction on Gyro. Gyro decides not to tell Rin.

11/03 - Arietta is targeted by a coordinated group of mongrels for the first time. Erza saves her. Arietta notices these kinds of attacks becoming more frequent. As a result, she starts trying to blend in more, covering her hair and face when she goes out.

12/01 - Arietta mentions the mugging to Gyro, who suggests she start carrying a gun, or invest in a digital skin for staying safe when walking home. Arietta notices some of the men from that night watching them at the restaurant they're in, but she and Gyro have public sex in front of them anyway because yolo. This hook-up is recorded and posted online, increasing her harassment.

12/10 - Mephisto checks in with Gyro and learns it's possibly someone with the black market behind the attacks. Mephisto implies he needs to be more proactive, dropping cryptic hints at him implying he might have some suspicious patients at his clinic.

1/05 - Killua notices someone stalking Arietta after work, and reveals it to be a patient of hers named Hank. Killua lets him go, thinking he's harmless. But the next night he confirms Hank is working for someone, but doesn't seem too enthused about the job. In the end, Killua spares Hank and secures himself a meeting with the man behind all of this, who claims to be looking for revenge against Liger for the sake of the people of Ceres. Killua learns of a possible connection between this man and an elite named Reggie Kray, who was killed during the Her Bay incident, and later not revived due to his Black Market ties. The man had very severe facial scars that looked like claw marks running down the side of his face.

1/06 - Killua confronts Arietta and they discuss the possibilities of who could be behind it all. She tells him about what the Market did to her, and that she remembers a man with facial scars like Reggie Kray, and confirms that they shared a last name.

2/10 - Jae-Ha saves Arietta when he finds her being tortured by her hacked collar. She tells him what little she knows of the man in the mask.
-Shal saves her when the same thing happens again, only this time the men involved give chase.
-Arietta is assaulted by her collar again and Law saves her. He remembers the faces of the men who were watching. She asks him not to tell Rin about what's happening.

2/12 - Arietta suspects Rin might actually be the one behind her collar hurting her without knowing because of his hallucinations, and actually appears to be afraid of him.

2/16 - Finally, the collar torture happens in front of Killua, and he kills the man controlling her collar. using the palm reader owned by the dead man, Killua speaks to the man in the mask and calls him Reggie, but the man denies it, calling himself "a specter here to carry out (Reggie's) final wishes".

2/21 - Mephisto meets Killua and after they agree to become allies, he off-hand mentions a magic key that was stolen, but he doesn't seem worried about it.

2/24 - Rin receives a threatening message from the masked man, taunting him with videos of Arietta being tortured. Rin rushes to Arietta's workplace and they get into an argument, that ends with Arietta once more being tortured by her collar. When Rin finds the one responsible, he threatens him before letting him go. The man goes on to tell other lackeys about how terrifying Rin is, and they back off.

2/25 - Killua receives a message from Hank regarding a man with a bounty on his head named only Kray, who was locked in Kantoi for the past two years for identity theft. He doesn't resemble the man who was killed in Her Bay. He goes on to tell Killua about Rin's rampage a day earlier.

2/25 - Killua checks in on Arietta. He reveals he knows the location of the bar the masked man frequents, and Arietta tells him she got a new collar so the man can't hack it anymore.

2/26 - Arietta tells Gyro about what's been going on.

3/28 - Rin and Killua arrange to confront the masked man at the bar he frequents in Ceres, while Arietta and Liger remain on standby not too far away. When they get there, they find Mephisto, who tells them he's here to confront the man who stole his magic key. After explaining the situation, Rin asks for Mephisto's help. Shortly after, Killua receives a phone call from Hank, who tells him that the man named Kray with a bounty on his head is Ron Kray -- Reggie Kray's fraternal twin brother, seeking revenge for his death. The bartender mentions that their regular, a man who wears a mask, is late tonight. Mephisto follows up the bartender by wondering outloud whether the man had something else important to do... and then asks Rin if there isn't something important he should be doing instead. When Rin confronts him about what he knows, he offers to teleport him and Killua to where Arietta is.

As this is happening, Liger's collar suddenly goes berserk, causing him to go on a rampage. With the help of Arietta and Shima, Gyro manages to calm the beast. During the scuttle, Law and Mihai spot a sniper on the roof, and after stripping him of his belongings, they take chase. Among those belongings is a remote control that allows them to indirectly remove the collar from Liger's neck, returning his powers. Rin and Killua will show up during the aftermath of returning Liger's powers.

During the ensuing chase, Law and Mihai learn the man is using a strange power to travel around Amoi: an old key strapped to a device on his wrist, allowing him to turn any door he touches into a portal that takes him somewhere randomly around Amoi. Ultimately, they corner him in the very same bar where Killua and Rin had just left. Just when the two appear to restrain him, Mephisto steps in and captures the man before he can explain himself. In the process, the man reveals some sort of connection to Mephisto, implying that he knows him and apparently is afraid of him. Mephisto thanks the two for their help in returning his key to him, and tells them they ought to let Arietta know that she no longer has to worry about her stalker.

During an exchange, Mihai gets mad and shoots Mephisto in the face, from which he instantly recovers. To assuage their suspicions, Mephisto tells them about his connection to Rin and the key that was stolen from him. He denies any connection to the stalker, further explaining that if they're so worried, they should just ask Rin himself. He then teleports them back to the scene with Liger, whether they ask to go or not.

The Reveal

Although no one got quite close enough to figuring it out, everything here was actually a carefully orchestrated plot by Mephisto to test a number of his chosen allies' and potential allies abilities.

Ron and Reggie Kray were criminals who stole identities to siphon large amounts of money off of elites. Two years prior to Tanagura's opening, Ron took the fall for Reggie's crimes and was sentenced to ten years in Kantoi, leaving Reggie alone. Shortly before the castes switched, Reggie was mauled by Liger in Ceres. His face was heavily disfigured, and he put himself in debt with the market to try and pay for extensive plastic surgery. In the end, the surgery was botched, and Reggie became obsessed with getting revenge against the monster and the girl who owned it. Completely consumed with madness, he took part in Arietta's torture when she was kidnapped by the market a few months later. A few months after that, he was in turn killed by Arietta during the battle at Her Bay. Because of his extensive criminal record, the authorities decided he wouldn't be revived.

After Iria took over Tanagura, the criminals in Kantoi were released -- including Ron, who learned about what happened to his brother and decided to take up his final wish for revenge. He took on Reggie's identity and began hunting Arietta down.

But before he could get very far, Mephisto became aware that a certain man was targeting Arietta. He immediately intervened and appeared before Ron as a demon offering a deal, saying he could have his revenge as long as he agreed to do it on Mephisto's terms. Ron needed to build a small following within the Market and secure control over Liger's collar from the higher ups, while slowly fostering unrest in Arietta's life without giving himself away. Ron agreed, and began to contract small-time criminals to target her.

Around this time, Mephisto decided to test whether Gyro would be a good ally for his schemes, specifically to see whether he could be manipulated. He told Gyro about Arietta, thinking he'd take an active role in protecting her. Instead, Gyro only gave her a warning, and didn't make any effort to tell anyone else about it. The video taken of the two of them was later used by Ron to recruit more people in harassing her.

Mephisto told Ron to plant someone close to Arietta, and specifically recommended one of her patients, Hank, for the job. Hank was someone Mephisto was keeping an eye on -- despite his undead nature, Arietta's healing abilities still worked on him, implying she could heal injuries that had reached the point of necrosis. And as a demon with a body that is slowly rotting, this was something he wanted to test. Originally Mephisto hoped that Gyro would discover Hank was stalking Arietta, but instead, Killua intervened.

Taking an interest in Killua, Mephisto told Ron nothing, and let him assume he was just another potential crony to recruit for harassing Arietta and Liger. Mephisto took an interest in Killua, which culminated after the failed satellite hi-jacking. Later, when Mephisto met Killua face-to-face, he formally invited him to become his ally and dropped hints regarding the key he gave to Ron. He wanted to test whether Killua would be able to figure it out the connection between Mephisto and Ron.

Around this point, Ron began to act out, frustrated by how much time this was taking. He had created a device that let him instantly travel to 5 specific locations on Amoi from anywhere (rather than a normal magic key, which only leads to a single location), and hacked into Arietta's collar to attack her directly -- this was not part of Mephisto's plan, but it did give him insight in what kind of people Arietta has around her. Shal, Jae-Ha, and Law all appeared on Mephisto's radar, but he had no solid means of tracking them and was unable to follow-up.

Meanwhile, Rin was kidnapped by the Black Market, which caused Mephisto to think twice about continuing to use them for his own purposes -- knowing that if he were caught being involved with the Market, he'd have trouble gaining Rin's trust again. This incident also gave him insight into Arietta, and how easy it would be to manipulate her for his plans on Assiah. At this point, he was committed to bringing both Rin and Arietta back from Amoi.

After deciding it was time to test Rin directly, Mephisto told Ron the best way to get to Arietta would be to taunt Rin. In reality, Mephisto knew this would be the start of Ron's downfall. Prior to this, he ensured that Ron had secured the device to control Liger's collar -- but told him not to use it until the timing was right.

He verified that Rin still won't kill humans, but isn't afraid to use excessive force -- maybe even to a higher degree than he would willingly do back home, threatening to burn down entire buildings for Arietta's sake. Rin gets a B for effort, but a D in terms of not learning about all this earlier (even if it wasn't necessarily his fault).

Mephisto was also behind their final confrontation. Stalking out the bar, Mephisto told Ron that Killua and Rin would likely come looking for him, and laid in wait until that day came. When it did, he made sure Ron would know where to find Arietta and Liger, so Ron could begin his assault. From what Mephisto had seen in previous attacks, he knew someone would come to Arietta's rescue -- but who that would be was not part of his plan. But knowing how weak Ron was without his support, Mephisto was confident they would be able to take Ron down and free Liger from that collar -- which was part of his plan.

In the end, Mephisto rewarded Shima for his involvement, giving him the only real hint regarding his own involvement, knowing Shima would keep it to himself. Killua was confirmed as Best Boy and got an A+ for figuring out Ron's identity and schemes, as well as being able to get the reason for Ron's hatred out of Arietta (also he gets extra credit for actually killing people, Mephisto isn't used to murdershotas). Rin was informed of Ron's capture, further cementing Mephisto's role as Rin's ally -- as well as putting him in Rin and Arietta's debt. Gyro failed in terms of not doing exactly what Mephisto had told him to do, but put himself back in Mephisto's good graces by still managing to help Arietta in the end. Mihai gets a a B+ for being ballsy enough to shoot Mephisto in the face. Law doesn't get a grade yet, but Mephisto is already excited to think he might have found a new ally in him. People who have absolutely zero trust in him are so nostalgic...

And as for Ron, Mephisto will be keeping him suspended in time until further notice, though he'll tell Rin to pass on the message that Arietta is free to decide his fate for herself whenever she is ready.
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2015-02-10 10:58 pm
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How's My Driving?

Comments and concerns about how I play Arietta can go here!

Anon is turned on, IP logging is turned off. All comments will be screened.
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2015-02-09 11:01 pm
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Kink List + Permissions

Kink List can be found here.




Ask first. Always okay.
Contact: Private Plurk or Private Message.

More Detailed Permissions )
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2015-02-08 06:05 pm
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Tanagura Inbox

You've reached account: liger_princess@tanagura.gov (T024621331)
Please leave a message.
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2015-02-07 04:12 am

(no subject)

Test Drive Meme - The TDM is game canon, and includes monthly game environment changes.
Monthly Game Environment Updates - Posts compiled at the beginning of each month without an app cycle, outlining the general IC environment and providing clues for upcoming events.
Event - Events in Tanagura come in two flavors. During an app month, there is one Event, generally focused on CR building. On non-app months, an Event Part 2 will take place, which focuses more heavily on the game-wide plot. The results of the Event Part 2 have also been included.
An unofficial glossary of terms can be found here.

January 2016
Test Drive Meme| Event: PRCA | Event Part 2 | Results
The PRCA hosts its first official Beauty Pageant for Mongrels. The winner, Ion Fortuna, is taken in as Leandro Santos' pet.
Duban enlists the help of offworlders in order to gain a palm reader and digital skin through the Black Market. Thanks to their efforts, Duban is able to retrieve both, and also met with Leandro. He becomes a member of the Black market. Elsewhere, in Mistral park, a different group is tasked with slaying a massive hydra so Duban can retrieve an old floppy disk. The data is mostly corrupted, but contains the name "Greagoir Kasun".
Iria secretly has the water supply in Tanagura contaminated with nanomachines.
While Iria is away, the refugee APB members staying Dana-burn are attacked by one of the Musicians: the Succubus. During the ensuing chaos, Dinah murders Spark. Many report seeing a heavily armored individual in the area at the time of his murder.

February 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Lupercalia | Event Part 2 | Results
The annual holiday Lupercalia takes place as per usual.
On February 5th, anyone who ingested Tanagura's drinking water after it was contaminated had their hair color forcibly altered to contain two hair colors, one representing each caste. Due to the contamination, Tanagura turns to Midas for it's clean drinking water, resulting in a water shortage. Only Ceres is unaffected.
Popular opinion begins to call for Geneva to step down. Geneva and Leandro meet secretly to discuss how to turn the tides in Quicksilver's favor once more.
Thanks to the help of the offworlders, the water is purified and further safeguarded against future attacks. Everything is back to normal by early March.
A skirmish breaks out between the Black Market and those who don't want them to increase in power. The Black Market is barely successful in protecting their supply routes.
In Spark's final will and testament, he leaves instructions for assembling a key -- one that is necessary for tracking down and activating the supercomputer Pluto. The pieces are scattered in odd places: one buried within renowned celebrity Arnold Carne's internal coding, one kept within Vivienne Da'vies wedding ring, and one inside a hidden tunnel under Flare, that's secretly being guarded by the former head of the Black Market, Khepri.
Iria assembles a small team to infiltrate Guardian once more and find out what secrets are being held inside.

March 2016
Test Drive Meme | Event: Portae
Rips in space-time suddenly appear throughtout Area-6 Janus, allowing those who enter to see a small slice of another world.
All new characters brought into the game during this month remember a bright flash of orange light and had a headache during their first 24 hours on Amoi.
By the end of the month, most of the portae disappear, although a small chunk become permanent.

April 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Tropical Calm before the Storm | Event Part 2 | Results | Game Environment Update Part 2
There is a notable uptick in advertisements for the highly-regulated designer drug Adfontes, available only to elites.
The X2 line of Chrome officers have become a regular presence in the police force.
Rumors regarding Guardian and the connections to the drug Source begin to circulate. Crowds of protesters begin gathering in Mistral Park and Lhassa.
Geneva addresses the concerns regarding Guardian, and outs Leandro Santos as the current leader of the Black Market, exiling him to Midas.
During the broadcast, APB is successful in hacking a number of Chrome officers, resulting in them going haywire and attacking citizens. Lhassa is heavily damaged, but casulties are kept low.
Iria is successful in taking over Tanagura, replacing the supercomputer Mercury with Pluto. During an announcement, she reveals that Quicksilver has been lying to the people, and there are no children inside Guardian.
Geneva is murdered by Leandro. In exchange for his cooperation, Iria gives him and the Black Market control of Midas.
Under Iria's rule, Tanagura is now open for both elites and mongrels alike. Likewise, the caste divide is no longer enforced in Tanagura.
Additionally, Chrome authorities are no longer permitted within Tanagura proper. All inmates currently staying in Kantoi have been released.
Unbeknownst to the populace, Iria has wired herself in with Pluto as a fail safe to maintain control of the supercomputer.

May 2016
Test Drive Meme | Event: Iria's Tanagura
Mass hirings of non-chrome officers take place to help patrol the streets of Tanagura in the wake of Iria's decree banning chrome officers from the city. Bounty hunters are contracted to help bring in the escaped Kantoi convicts.
Early reports indicate that the inside of Guardian is largely industrial with no such areas allocated for raising children. Found security footage showing children suspended in tubes of blue-green liquid has yet to be verified.

June 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Shopping Divas | Event Part 2 | Results
A number of cross-caste friendly establishments open up in Tanagura to help with the transition.
A Fashion Modeling Showcase is held in Tanagura's North-west Sector, bringing many people to the area.
People begin disappearing within the hedgemazes outside the Domes of Daedalus. It turns out to be an undercover organ trafficking operation run by the Black Market and the newly released Kantoi prisoners. The operation is suspended thanks to the help of the offworlders.
Duban enlists the help of a number of offworlders for more information regarding the location of his head.
A secret group invites a number of offworlders to infiltrate a crematorium in the South Sector. They learn there has been a sharp increase of murders in which the victim lost their eyes and/or hands, as well as an increase in the number of elites not being revived.

July 2016
Test Drive Meme | Event: PRCA
The PRCA is held again.
Crime in Tanagura continues to increase, while crime in Midas is at an all-time low. This becomes a growing trend.

August 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Sand Surf and Starry Showers | Event Part 2 | Results
The infamous Hideaway Cove, now under new management, is still using sleazy tactics to get customers.
The Hesperid Meteor Shower is set to occur between the 10th and 30th. Two individuals show an interest in collecting samples of the space rocks: a mysterious elite man and a recently reactivated AI. The latter makes off with a rather huge meteorite with help.
Thanks to the efforts of the offworlders once more, Duban is reunited with his head.
On the evening of the 24th, residents of Hyaline suddenly grew listless, their eyes glowing red, and they began seeking out members of the opposite caste to attack. Although casualties are kept mostly to a minimum, following the hours it takes for the mayhem to end, tensions between the castes remain at an all-time high.

September 2016
Test Drive Meme | Event: Economic Stimulus Week
Portae begin popping up again, this time transporting characters in and around Amoi seemingly at random due to their newfound glitchy nature. These glitchy Portae remain indefinitely.
Just like in March: all new characters brought into the game during this month remember a bright flash of orange light and had a headache during their first 24 hours on Amoi.

October 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Dies Ater | Event Part 2 | Results
Dies Ater kicks off, with a notable increased presence of authorities. A number of underground parties occur during the holiday, including one run by APB and another distributing the previously-discontinued drug Adfontes.
Iria spreads a cyber virus that contains a hidden PSA, revealing that there are no children in Guardian using census information from the past fifty years, showing the population has no changed much at all in that time. It further explains how Guardian itself is seemingly self-reliant on energy, consuming more power in the first two weeks of a given month and producing it during the latter two. Notable energy spikes were detected in March and September.
Anyone who received the PSA mysteriously has their hair color forcibly changed to reflect the opposite of whatever letter their reader ID starts with, affecting only player characters accepted before June 2015 and most NPCs. The bounty for capturing Iria is increased.
Two mysterious portae open up, including a communications room located in some dusty old ruins and the control room of a satellite far away in space.
A Quicksilver task force successfully uncovers a black market scheme conducting illegal pet auctions with connections to the Adfontes party. These auctions are successfully shut down.

November 2016
Test Drive Meme | Event: Mixing Colors and Castes
Club Exrotique, one of the few cross-caste friendly businesses in Tanagura, is saved from an attack from hostile elites and holds a special event to celebrate.
While Adfontes usage grinds to a halt, sales of the youth-preserving drug Elixir Vitae among elites is on the rise, as dosages change from annually to monthly.

December 2016
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Winter Wonderland | Event Part 2 | Results
Tanagura's climate-controlled weather system goes on the fritz, causing extreme weather conditions at random throughout the city, particularly the Central Sector. Some blame APB, others wonder if it's related to the Portae.
Taking advantage of the number of elites staying in Flare to escape Tanagura's weather, a number of Kantoi fugitives take over the popular Liquid Gold Spa and hold the elites there hostage. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi manages to save the day, but the event still reflects poorly on APB and Iria, who is blamed for freeing the Kantoi fugitives.
The Wishing Caves in Sasan are discovered to no longer have the ability to grant wishes. Though only known to a few ICly, this mechanism was formerly provided by Duban when he was still trapped there.
A few days after this is discovered, people begin disappearing and are reportedly attacked around the former Wishing Caves.
The attacks at the Wishing Caves are revealed to be the work of the Musicians, who plan to lure Duban out. Duban enlists the help of the offworlders to capture them so he can kill them himself. After Samus kills the Succubus, the Birdman later makes an appearance. Duban steals the Birdman's soul and reveals that all the Musicians were actually former council member Charlotte Painite, who was granted powerful abilities using his magic in the year 6000. With this, the Musicians are no more. This is all OOC knowledge only.
Dinah Saffron calls on a number of individuals to investigate Iria and APB. One group searches a nightclub she was known to frequent, while another searches an underground research lab.

January 2017
Test Drive Meme | Event: PRCA | Event Part 2 | Results
The PRCA is held.
Under Leandro's order, a number of player characters are kidnapped and have a digital port installed into the back of their neck, connected to their nervous system. This port allows for software to be installed in the user, causing a number of horrible side-effects as a result.
Dinah and Sergio hire a group of offworlders to retrieve the two supercomputers, Mercury and Jupiter, being held in the same underground research lab that was investigated the month before. 
In a wild attempt at destroying a certain satellite floating outside of Amoi's atmosphere, Captain Falcon and Samus Aran recruit the help of a number of offworlders to help them hi-jack a rocketship. Their attempt ends in failure as the ship is destroyed, killing Samus. Using the helmet he received from Geneva, Falcon attempts to warp himself with the bomb to the satellite directly, but his fate is unknown.
A group of tech-oriented offworlders are led to a secret control room in the ruins in Diedo, which controls the same satellite Falcon's group is attempting to destroy. Using Yuno Regina's stolen palm reader, they successfully hack into the satellite and manage to shut off all communications between it and Amoi, as well as shut down the movement of some mysteries reflective panels on the outer shell. Yuno Regina is captured using Mephisto Pheles's powers. A special anti-surveillance program is ripped from Yuno's palm reader and gradually disseminated to other offworlders. The effects of this change to the satellite will be revealed over time.
Iria reveals herself as the cause of the poor weather, and puts the people up to vote, stating that the weather will return to normal if the executives at the Tanagura Broadcast Network (TBN) resign. Just over 50% of those who voted choose to force them to resign.

February 2017
Monthly Game Environment Update | Event: Lupercalia | Event Part 2 | Results
The poor weather in Tanagura continue, as the TBN executives refuse to step down even after the people agree they should.
Iria plays her hand and reveals proof of the TBN executives engaging in enthusiastic sex with androids, one of the few great taboos left on Amoi regardless of caste. All executives will have resigned by the 13th, and the weather returns to normal.
The last of the unstable portae will have finally been brought under control.
Lupercalia and the Red-string festival are held.
A special sleep study is conducted by the Main Gate Research Facility with little information given, but a very selective screening process. Those who participate find that whatever symptoms they've been suffering due to Anniversary Rewards temporarily lessen in severity, including those that supposed appeared in late January. The nature of these symptoms are an IC secret.
A number of articles are released during a journalism challenge, including startling information regarding the anti-aging serum Elixir Vitae.
A number of player characters are led on a mission by former Midas Ember, Kindling, to discover the nature of a delivery truck headed for Guardian, where they are met with a surprise hostile X-2 chrome officer.

March 2017
Test Drive Meme | Event: Tanagurapalooza

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2013-07-04 03:41 am

Tanagura Timeline

Read more... )
APB's attack leaves Arietta injured after fighting alongside Gokudera against an X2. 
Midorima tries to help her, makes it worse.
Arietta is awarded a 10 GB giftcard for helping the cty, and receives 2 SB for medical bills straight from Vivienne.
Tanagura is opened for Elites and Mongrels to enter freely, with the taboo lifted. 
May 2016
Learns from Noiz that Kaname, Clear, and Samus all think they're from Amoi. 
Arietta tells Rin she loves him. They go on a date and fuck in public.
Confronts Rin abut his memories, and in the ensuing argument she reveals that she died on Auldrant. He doesn't believe her.
Talks to Kaname and asks her to talk to Rin.
Talks about living wills with Noiz, comes to the conclusion that she may have been dead when she was brought here.
Learns that Khepri had a living will, and there's a memorial in Ainis for him.
Saved from a mugger by Samus.
Start working at Gyro's clinic as nurse.
June 2016
During a drinking game, reveals her death to Iskander. Asks him not to let her do the bang while she's drunk anymore.
Under the musician's influence, Blake attacks Mary. Erza brings her to Arietta to heal her. Mary almost dies.
Arietta meets Falcon under the guise of Dogra, who saves her form some market thugs.
Spends some time in Parthea, going on a date with Rin.
The disappearances in the NW Tanagura hedge-mazes end up being a cover by the Market for organ trafficking. Arietta is uninvolved.
Awkward bathtime with Gyro reminds her of Ion.
July 2016
Confides with Tanaka over her worries about Rin's memories. Then they bang.
Rin is attacked by the musicians, and is forced to fight a stranger. He ends up in the hospital.
Meets Killua. They don't get along.
Rin chooses her birthday: the 28th! A party is thrown in Spectrum and Arietta is super happy.
Learns that Blake and Mary are in love.
At the end of the night, Arietta tells Rin about what she helped Van try to do back home.
Rin accepts that his memories aren't real, and they agree to find a way to earth someday.
August 2016
Assaulted by tentacle monsters at Her Bay, along with Seren. She's unsure if Seren was an unwilling participant or not.
Shares a bizarre horse-related sex dream with Gyro. They proceed to meet in a bar and fuck while people watch.
September 2016
Portae start opening up all around Amoi as Economic Stimulus Week comes to a head.
Learns that Lys is a werewolf. Arietta is a fan.
Commissions Noiz to create a digital skin for Liger: a giant white wolf.
October 2016
Arietta has lots of sex during Dies Ater.
And doms the shit out of Killua.
Sleeps with Rin while he's a giant cat monster without knowing it's him.
Midorima is outed for trying to help the government against APB. Arietta spreads the word that he sucks.
November 2016
Arietta starts going out in Midas only with a hood up and with her friend protected by a digital skin.
Is now convinced that no one is actually from Amoi, wonders if even the government officials forgot.
Law starts to lose his memories, forgets about his powers and almost drowns in the bath.
Saved from market thugs by Erza, and this time she learns they're specifically targeting her.
Has a pregnancy scare with Rin, learns he was the big cat monster she fucked last month.

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2013-05-29 10:33 pm

Tanagura Wish List

☀ = Prior CR required and/or preferred.

In no particular order:

Wish List

-Someone having Arietta walk around naked on a leash late at night, preferably while she's drunk to make her forget her shame.
-M/F/M threesome and double penetration.
-Sloppy seconds, potentially with dark implications as to who she had been with before.
-Any number of kinks in a situation where Arietta is very heavily aphro'd and someone offers to help get it out of her system.
☀ -Pegging a dude and/or being pegged by a girl.
-Femdom with a guy who isn't really sure if he's into it or not.
☀ -Someone accidentally triggering bad memories in the middle of sex and being forced to stop.
☀ -Cuddling and pillow talk post-sex, potentially starting with a thread that begins mid-sex.
☀ -Mutual masturbation without touching each other, watching each other get off.
-Gangbang (consensual or otherwise) with people taking turns nailing her, or a public use element.
-A threesome with Liger... I need Jesus.
-Using weird objects as toys during sex, like bottles or a weapon, or fucking on a dryer or something.
☀ -Someone walking in on Arietta getting fucked but it doesn't end like a porno and everything is awkward.
-...or same situation and it does end like a porno with a surprise threesome.

Would Love to Do Again

-Arietta sleeping with an older man who feels really guilty about banging someone who looks as young as she is, but does it anyway. Bonus if they think she's even younger than she already is
☀ -Pet Play, with lots of petting and purring and essentially treating Arietta like a cat. With or without cat ears/tail.
-Anal... that's it. Stick it in her booty.
-Very public cross-caste sex in Tanagura, with an uninvited audience and people recording it.
-Blowjobs and bukkake.
-Sexual exhaustion to the point of almost passing out, or maybe even passing out halfway.
-Sex in unusual places, like a closet or kitchen.
-Monster fucking, preferably with the other character turned into one, complete with monster cocks.