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Application for Tanagura

_NAME: Sarah
_PLURK: randomsnarfle
_AGE: 24

_CHARACTER'S NAME: Arietta the Wild
_CANON: Tales of the Abyss (Game)
_CANON POINT: After her death at the hands of the party following her duel with Anise. This is towards the end of the game and corresponds with episode 20 of the anime adaption (there are differences between the two, but as there's no simpler way to describe the canon point for the game, I've left it for reference only).
_CHARACTER'S (APPARENT) AGE: 16, though given her small size she could easily be mistaken for much younger.
_TANAGURA (elite) OR MIDAS (mongrel)?: Tanagura (elite)

_HISTORY: Arietta Wiki Entry | Series Wiki Entry

_ABILITIES: Auldrant is home to a special kind of magic called Fonic artes, which channel particles known as fonons into spells for defensive and offensive purposes. Arietta excels in Dark-elemental artes, which use the First fonon to create darkness-oriented attacks. These artes use large spheres or pillars of darkness to attack their foes, and can range from moderate to very powerful. They can also be combined with other fonons to create a multitude of elemental attacks. However, in combat, Arietta generally focuses more on the support side, using artes to power up the abilities of her allies or heal their wounds.

In addition to her Fonic artes, Arietta is also capable of communicating with monsters, after being raised by one for the first few years of her life. In the TOA universe, this is explained as being an actual defined language that is universal between all monsters (demonstrated by the scene in which Mieu serves as an interpreter between the Liger Queen and the party). However, given she was mostly nonverbal herself when Van found her, it can be assumed that she is also adept at reading an animal's body language as well.

In terms of weaknesses, physically Arietta is not very strong. Although she has very high endurance and is capable of handling herself in combat, without her artes, she would be easily overpowered. She's also very easy to get riled up and is certainly not the most mentally stable person around. It is stated at one point that the reason she was kept in the dark about Ion's replication was because it was believed she'd have killed herself if she knew he had died.

_PERSONALITY: Arietta didn't have a very conventional upbringing. After her family was killed in a flood caused by the destruction of the Isle of Hod, she was found as a baby by the Liger Queen, who proceeded to raise her as one of her own. This is how Arietta spent the first years of her life, living entirely among monsters and believing herself to be one of them. Even after she was brought into human society by Van and taught how to speak human language, she continues to prefer the company of monsters, and considers them to be her true family.

Two years prior to the events of the game, after Arietta was demoted from Fon Master Guardian, her personality underwent a sharp change. While Arietta was always very happy when she was around Ion, after she was separated from him, she became very depressed. Arietta didn't know that Ion had died and was replaced with a replica. Because the replica wasn't supposed to come in contact with Arietta, he was often forced to treat her coldly, and Arietta interpreted this to mean she had done something wrong. This is one of the key reasons for Arietta's constant "gloomy" personality, because she blamed herself for losing the most important person in her life.

However, Arietta wasn't only putting the blame on herself. In her desperation to find a solid reason behind Ion's change, she wound up blaming Anise, the girl who took over her position as Fon Master Guardian. Anise had taken the place that Arietta thought had rightfully belonged to her, resulting in her becoming something of a scapegoat for Arietta's hatred -- a feeling that becomes mutual as time wears on. This starts a trend for Arietta, who later shows many instances where she's incapable of accepting any blame for her increasingly thoughtless actions. An example of this can be seen during her duel with Anise. When Anise calls her out for having killed all of the crew members working on the Tartarus when the God-generals attacked, Arietta's only reaction is to ignore her.

True to her title as the Wild one, Arietta is known for being very unpredictable, and she doesn't always think things through before doing them. Fueled by her growing obsession with reuniting with Ion, Arietta's actions become more rash as the game progresses, resulting in her recklessly putting innocent people in danger. When she finds the party in Daath, she sends out her liger friends to attack, severely wounding Anise's mother as a result. While it hadn't been her intent to harm Pamela, she doesn't apologize, and only calls off the ligers after being scolded by Ion. Much of this behavior is a result of Arietta's upbringing, which led to her becoming very dependent on Ion and Van. Left to her own devices, she acts out selfishly, only looking at what's in front of her and not taking any consideration for those around her.

Through flashbacks shown in the anime adaption, Arietta is shown to be rather shy around others. Much of this is a direct result of her limited contact with humans until she was much older. Human social politics are far more complex than monsters, and this is part of the reason she struggles so much when dealing with people. She's very immature, and when she gets frustrated, she lashes out at those around her. This behavior has only worsened since she was separated from Ion, as pointed out by Anise during a skit.

Furthermore, in addition to her dependency on Ion, Arietta is also fiercely loyal towards him and to Van. After being brought into human society, Arietta realized just how lonely she had been, and she feels an immense debt towards Van for introducing her to Ion. Ultimately, all of her actions are a result of her loyalty to Ion and Van. Towards the end of the game, when Ion is taken from the Cathedral by Anise and Mohs, she even stands up against her fellow God-generals, accusing them of betraying Van by acting contrary to his promise to spare Ion.

Finally, if there's one aspect of Arietta's personality that's worth mentioning, it's her ability to hold a grudge. Much like how she held a grudge against Anise for taking her place as Fon Master Guardian, she goes on to hold a grudge against the party for killing the Liger Queen. She even claims that she'll follow them to the ends of the earth to kill them. Much of this is due to her possessiveness over those who are close to her -- she's already lost Ion, and she doesn't want to lose anyone else.

After Ion's death, Arietta challenged Anise to a duel, marking a change in Arietta's behavior. The duel stands out as something that she decided solely by herself out of her desire to avenge Ion. She even went to great lengths to ensure it would be a fair fight, bringing along Largo as a mediator and arranging rules beforehand. Although we don't get to see how Arietta might have been affected by the outcome of the duel due to her death, it's possible to see this as a sign of growth now that she no longer has Ion to depend on.

_ITEMS: She'll be wearing her old Fon Master Guardian uniform that she was wearing during her duel with Anise: a black and white outfit with pink accents that covers most of her body, as well as a white headdress and a yellow tuning fork necklace. It'll probably be a little torn up seeing as she was just fighting in it.

Also, if possible, I'd like for her to have one of her liger friends with her when she arrives! Ligers are a species of monster from Auldrant that come in an array of colors and can shoot beams of electricity in the same way Fonists can cast fonic artes. They're very large and are strong enough to support the weight of a human on their backs. Although Arietta can communicate with them, they don't have any definable personalities and (aside from her mother, the Liger Queen) they never speak in the series. For the most part, Arietta is just seen riding them and fighting alongside them. But if their size makes them a problem to have in the game, it's fine for her to go without!