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Tanagura Timeline

February 2015
Arrived in Tanagura.
Meets Rin.
Found out Ion was alive and living as Luke's pet.
Formed a truce with Jade.
Became friends with Peony without knowing he was the Emperor of Malkuth.
First kiss with Ion while under the influence of Lupercalia.
Ion becomes Arietta's pet after Luke disappears.
First kiss with a girl.

March 2015
Learns the truth about Ion from Peony.
Agrees to protect Ion even if he isn't the same person she knew.
Awkward naked bonding time with Ion (slight retcon from initial thread).
More naked bonding with Rin.
First real sexual experience with Yukari.
Peony is killed by Azula, but Arietta is led to believe it was the Midas Embers and swears revenge.
Arietta has Liger watch over Jade in Midas in condolences.

April 2015
Has sex with Griffith and Rin under the Tower of Jupiter's influence.
Liger is traumatized by all the human sex and becomes more over-protective of Arietta.
Pays for Jade to enter the tournament to decide the fate of Pluto (handwaved).

May 2015
Learns that the group responsible for Peony's death may try to break their leader out of jail soon.
Takes part in a massive fight in the court room for aforementioned leader's trial, losing to Zuko.
Zuko becomes the face of the Midas Embers in Arietta's mind.
Geneva's revolution succeeds, and the castes are flipped. Arietta is now Ion's pet.

June 2015
Peony is resurrected without memories of Tanagura and saves Arietta from a bad situation.
Ion disappears. Jade tells Arietta to concentrate her search around Ceres, fearing the Black Market is involved.

July 2015
Kidnapped by the Black Market, where she is raped and tortured by Griffith (in disguise) and other members (npcs) for over two weeks in order to train her to be a good pet.
Unable to cope, Arietta's mind snaps and she reverts to a feral state similar to when she was a child.
Rin sees her at an auction at the PRCA and buys her to save her. A few days after taking her home, he suddenly disappears after being killed by Khepri.
Breaks out and roams Tanagura while feral. Liger searches for her while still trapped in Midas. She's eventually captured and confined to Rin's apartment.
Rin comes back from the dead. Upon taking her to Midas to seek help, they run into Liger, and a fight breaks out due to a misunderstanding. Arietta returns to her senses in time to stop them.
Affirms her desire to stay with Rin so she won't have to be alone. 

August 2015
Has sex with Rin to try and overcome her trauma.
Still enjoys the security of being walked on a leash due to the Black Market's training.
Starts to enjoy drinking alcohol.
Saves Chidori from tentacle monsters and then they do the frick-frack.
War breaks out in Ceres as people fight back against the illegal pet trade.
Fueled by her desire for revenge, Arietta seeks out every person she remembers who played a role in her kidnapping to kill them.
Argues with Rin on the morality of murder, revealing she was raped. Rin reveals he was killed, further driving her desire for revenge.
Fights Griffith (in disguise) in the tunnels and is nearly killed. Liger saves her and she's led to believe the man died when the tunnels collapsed on him.
Despite getting her revenge, Arietta doesn't feel better.
Talks about her past with Rin, and learns about his ambitions back home. She tells him she's glad he's here.

September 2015
Begins to struggle with keeping Liger fed due to the cost of meat in Tanagura.
Starts drinking more regularly.
Rescued by Zuko from an attempted rape, learns the truth about what happened to Peony and starts to consider forgiving him and the Embers.
Meets Sebastian and learns Griffith's name. Still unaware of his connection to the Black Market.
Begins secretly working at nightclubs to make ends meet without telling Rin. Eventually ends up at a Voyuers club.
Realizes she was trying to use Rin as a stand-in for Ion. Convinces Rin to become her Master in a sense beyond what it says on paper. Rin understands it to be mostly sexual, but Arietta just wants to be special to someone in the same way she was to the original Ion.
Rin accidentally hurts her during sex. Liger gets mad.
First threesome with Rin and Perona while she and Perona are drunk.

October 2015
Shares an almost-romantic moment with Rin in a digital forest before being interrupted by a digital monster.
Peony learns about where Arietta is working and offers to walk her home on days they both work. He becomes her confidant to come to for questions about sex and life in Amoi.
Forced on a "vacation" to the nearby planet Kue with 5 other mongrels for one week. Everyone gets mysteriously ill towards the end of the trip.
Nearly loses her job and has to beg for it back, resulting in increasingly worse conditions (handwaved).
Breaks into the Powerplant in Ainis with Gyro and learns some truths about the radiation there. Then aphro happened and he fucked her up.
Spends a few days using Dies Ater's monster potions to be a monster. Doesn't realize there's aphro in the potions and winds up sleeping with almost 10 people over the course of a few days.
Zuko tells her he likes her in the middle of some sexual role playing. Arietta doesn't know how to deal with these dokis.
After being caught in a compromising situation with Renzo due to the potions, Rin separates them in a jealous rage and all three end up in jail for the night.

November 2015
Joins an information exchange meeting between off-worlders in Diedo. Learns a lot of scary truths, including about what happens to people who disappear.
Learns about who Leandro is and is warned not to investigate him or the Black Market any further.
Finds digital ligers in Tanagura's nature preserve.
Tells Perona about what happened to her mommy, and also the fact that she died trying to avenge her and Ion.
Spends a night wandering Apathia high on meth after being given some at work. Blake takes cares of her that night at Spectrum.
Rin accidentally catches her at work during a violent scene and thinks she's been kidnapped, storming the place to try and "save" her. She reveals the truth, and Rin vows to help her from now on.
Starts working in Sebastian's cat cafe as a server.

December 2015
Begins drinking more heavily and going out at night to find more opportunities for sex.
Very public and indecent drunken sex with Rider in a bar in front of dozens of patrons.
Seeks help from Chidori about the after-effects of rough sex. Is warned not to have sex while drunk anymore.
Ends up at a bar with Jade, where he winds up saving her from two persistent men who were present that night with Rider.
Cracks her palm reader's screen during the struggle.
Wishes for and receives her doll from home from the Wishing Caves in Sasan.
Attends Rin's birthday party and plays in a King's Game. Spends a lot of the time trying to reign in her jealousy.

January 2016
Guy shows up, but disappears a few weeks later.
Learns the truth about what happens to people who disappear. Goes to Tamida with Rin to pray for her friends, including Ion, Renzo, and Zuko.
Stopped going out alone to bars.
Learns Peony is gone, and argues with Chidori over the cause.
Attends the PRCA with Rin. Can't handle being alone or without a leash to keep herself from panicking.
Saved by Tanaka when he finds her alone and scared. Talks to him about what it means to be a pet.
Enters the beauty pageant to start getting stronger by conquering her fears of the PRCA head-on. 
Bangs Tanaka backstage after Rin isn't able to come with her following her "talent" portion.
Jade asks what she remembers about Auldrant. They agree to start sparring together to train.

February 2016
Tanagura's water supply is contaminated with Nanomachines, and everyone in the city gets two-toned hair, even Liger. Retinal scans grow more common as the line between mongrel and elite becomes skewed.
First time making a booty call to Tanaka. They have slow, intimate sex in a hotel.
Second Lupercalia, this time as a mongrel. 
Forced to whip Tanaka in the streets. Takes him home with her and they have lots of sex, and in an intimate moment, Arietta asks to start calling him Ryu.
Has an awkward encounter with Rin following a red string of fate and some drug-laced wine. They aren't on speaking terms for a few days.
Saved Kaname from Anti-Quicksilver thugs and they go out for drinks. Kaname tells her she should try and go home with Rin someday.
A second attack against the Black Market is made. Arietta meets Mary.
Liger is forced into a shock collar and is depowered and cannot enter Ceres anymore.
Arietta is nearly killed when she and Rin are ambushed. Rin loses his sword and his powers for a month, while Arietta is temporarily stuck with his powers for the next week. 
The raid against the market doesn't succeed, and Arietta feels like a failure.
Liger finds Tanaka and saves him by taking him to Gyro.
Spends nearly two weeks laid up in bed, unable to heal herself fully due to Rin's flames.
The city's water is cleaned, and all hair colors return to normal.

March 2016
Mysterious doorways called Portae appear in Janus. 
Unable to cope with the loss and feeling unworthy of seeking comfort from Rin, Arietta returns to her old vices of drunk sex with strangers.
Has sex with Blake on stage behind a curtain. They kinda get caught.
Shares memories with Gyro. And fantasies. Then they have kinky sex.
Mary finds her in a bar. After an emotional argument, she takes her back to meet with Rin to take her home.

April 2016
Mary asks her to join another raid against the market. Arietta agrees to serve as a healer in the aftermath.
Confides in Mary about her life on Auldrant and how she and the other god-generals were going to destroy the world.
Movie night in her and Rin's apartment in Tanagura. Arietta gets super drunk and starts making out with all the girls.
After the raid, Arietta learns Rin secretly attended and got back his sword on his own. She starts to feel more worthless as a pet and worries he may not need her.
Leandro is outed as the head of the Black Market. Iria takes over the city, and Geneva is assassinated.
APB's attack leaves Arietta injured after fighting alongside Gokudera against an X2. 
Midorima tries to help her, makes it worse.
Arietta is awarded a 10 GB giftcard for helping the cty, and receives 2 SB for medical bills straight from Vivienne.
Tanagura is opened for Elites and Mongrels to enter freely, with the taboo lifted. 
May 2016
Learns from Noiz that Kaname, Clear, and Samus all think they're from Amoi. 
Arietta tells Rin she loves him. They go on a date and fuck in public.
Confronts Rin abut his memories, and in the ensuing argument she reveals that she died on Auldrant. He doesn't believe her.
Talks to Kaname and asks her to talk to Rin.
Talks about living wills with Noiz, comes to the conclusion that she may have been dead when she was brought here.
Learns that Khepri had a living will, and there's a memorial in Ainis for him.
Saved from a mugger by Samus.
Start working at Gyro's clinic as nurse.
June 2016
During a drinking game, reveals her death to Iskander. Asks him not to let her do the bang while she's drunk anymore.
Under the musician's influence, Blake attacks Mary. Erza brings her to Arietta to heal her. Mary almost dies.
Arietta meets Falcon under the guise of Dogra, who saves her form some market thugs.
Spends some time in Parthea, going on a date with Rin.
The disappearances in the NW Tanagura hedge-mazes end up being a cover by the Market for organ trafficking. Arietta is uninvolved.
Awkward bathtime with Gyro reminds her of Ion.
July 2016
Confides with Tanaka over her worries about Rin's memories. Then they bang.
Rin is attacked by the musicians, and is forced to fight a stranger. He ends up in the hospital.
Meets Killua. They don't get along.
Rin chooses her birthday: the 28th! A party is thrown in Spectrum and Arietta is super happy.
Learns that Blake and Mary are in love.
At the end of the night, Arietta tells Rin about what she helped Van try to do back home.
Rin accepts that his memories aren't real, and they agree to find a way to earth someday.
August 2016
Assaulted by tentacle monsters at Her Bay, along with Seren. She's unsure if Seren was an unwilling participant or not.
Shares a bizarre horse-related sex dream with Gyro. They proceed to meet in a bar and fuck while people watch.
September 2016
Portae start opening up all around Amoi as Economic Stimulus Week comes to a head.
Learns that Lys is a werewolf. Arietta is a fan.
Commissions Noiz to create a digital skin for Liger: a giant white wolf.
October 2016
Arietta has lots of sex during Dies Ater.
And doms the shit out of Killua.
Sleeps with Rin while he's a giant cat monster without knowing it's him.
Midorima is outed for trying to help the government against APB. Arietta spreads the word that he sucks.
November 2016
Arietta starts going out in Midas only with a hood up and with her friend protected by a digital skin.
Is now convinced that no one is actually from Amoi, wonders if even the government officials forgot.
Law starts to lose his memories, forgets about his powers and almost drowns in the bath.
Saved from market thugs by Erza, and this time she learns they're specifically targeting her.
Has a pregnancy scare with Rin, learns he was the big cat monster she fucked last month.