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Arietta the Wild ([personal profile] hisguardian) wrote2013-05-29 10:33 pm

Tanagura Wish List

☀ = Prior CR required and/or preferred.

In no particular order:

Wish List

-Someone having Arietta walk around naked on a leash late at night, preferably while she's drunk to make her forget her shame.
-M/F/M threesome and double penetration.
-Sloppy seconds, potentially with dark implications as to who she had been with before.
-Any number of kinks in a situation where Arietta is very heavily aphro'd and someone offers to help get it out of her system.
☀ -Pegging a dude and/or being pegged by a girl.
-Femdom with a guy who isn't really sure if he's into it or not.
☀ -Someone accidentally triggering bad memories in the middle of sex and being forced to stop.
☀ -Cuddling and pillow talk post-sex, potentially starting with a thread that begins mid-sex.
☀ -Mutual masturbation without touching each other, watching each other get off.
-Gangbang (consensual or otherwise) with people taking turns nailing her, or a public use element.
-A threesome with Liger... I need Jesus.
-Using weird objects as toys during sex, like bottles or a weapon, or fucking on a dryer or something.
☀ -Someone walking in on Arietta getting fucked but it doesn't end like a porno and everything is awkward.
-...or same situation and it does end like a porno with a surprise threesome.

Would Love to Do Again

-Arietta sleeping with an older man who feels really guilty about banging someone who looks as young as she is, but does it anyway. Bonus if they think she's even younger than she already is
☀ -Pet Play, with lots of petting and purring and essentially treating Arietta like a cat. With or without cat ears/tail.
-Anal... that's it. Stick it in her booty.
-Very public cross-caste sex in Tanagura, with an uninvited audience and people recording it.
-Blowjobs and bukkake.
-Sexual exhaustion to the point of almost passing out, or maybe even passing out halfway.
-Sex in unusual places, like a closet or kitchen.
-Monster fucking, preferably with the other character turned into one, complete with monster cocks.