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February 2015
02/04 Arrival: The afterlife is sexy
¤Peony ¤Ion ×Sync ¤Rin ¤Jade
02/16 Worry: Still the Fon Master's Guardian
02/18 Lupercalia / Red String Festival
¤Peony ¤Mejojo ¤Ion ¤Chidori ¤Kagami
02/20 Dominance: A fight between idiots, a race between monsters
02/23 Girls: They can like girls too?

March 2015
03/02 Shattered: Everything she knew was a lie
03/09 Distraction: Trying so hard not to think about everything
¤Zoe ¤Yukari ¤Chidori ¤Clear
03/16 Replicas: Can we still be friends?
03/20 [NSFW] Deserted Tower / Lava Hot Spring
¤Yukari ¤Elsa ¤Jade ¤Ion ¤Rapunzel
03/20 [NSFW] Naked Bonding Time
03/31 Chaperone: This doesn't mean they're friends okay!!

April 2015
04/15 Moving: Where did Shiemi go?
04/18 [NSFW] Temple of Jupiter
¤Edward ¤Chidori ¤Nicholai ¤Kagami ¤Rin
04/20 Reflection: Mirror mirror on the wall

May 2015
5/04 Late Night: Hanging out in an alley 
5/14 Bug Sympathizer: Poor Renzo
5/14 Lolicon: The butterflies are in Jude's stomach
5/14 Bug catcher: Playing the hero
5/15 Laser Tag: Isn't it cheating if you've been through basic training?
5/16 Shoujo: Embarrassing conversations under the cherry blossoms
5/23 Execution: Avenging Peony
5/26 Furniture: But why does it have to be on fire?

June 2015
6/05 Savior: A bar fight goes horribly wrong and a dead guy comes in to save the day.
6/23 Missing: Where is Ion?

July 2015
7/01 [NSFW] Kidnapped: Starring the ever so affable and lovable Griffith
7/18 Auction: How to save a life
¤Rin ¤Perona
7/28 Lost: One feral human, one hungry liger, lots of trauma
¤Blake ¤Rin ¤Yukari ¤Chidori & Peony ¤Jade

August 2015
8/01 [NSFW] Sex: A Modest Proposal
AC/ND: A kind gesture to beat the heat
8/04 Kill All Bugs: Why are they so big that's just wrong
×Ion Fortuna
8/13 Leash: Let's go for a walk!
8/13 Sand Liger: Let's make a sand castle!
8/14 Pool Edge: Let's go for a swim!
8/15 [NSFW] Tentacles: Let's-- actually, let's not do that.
8/24 Murder: Sometimes humans are worse than monsters
8/24 Cages: Freeing the innocent pets
8/26 Revenge: Don't mess with Arietta the Wild
8/28 Collapse: She told him he couldn't die and he listened

September 2015
9/04 One Day: A day in the life of a pet in Midas
¤Weiss ¤Gyro ¤Peony ¤Hitoshura ¤Perona
9/14 Rescue: Sorry about that time I tried to kill you
9/15 Cat Monster: And for once it actually wasn't Griffith's fault!
9/16 Poledancer: Not a skill on Arietta's resume
9/16 Sharkbait: We can play the hero too!
¤Rin Matsuoka
9/17 Jaded: Still Jade's fault somehow
9/17 Wardrobe Malfunction
9/22 [NSFW] Demon Sex: A perfectly acceptable breakfast topic
9/30 Sorrows: Drowning them in Alcohol
9/30 [NSFW] Threesome: Well that sure happened
¤Perona & Rin

October 2015
10/04 Spooktacular: Spooky things in Apathia
¤Gyro ¤Rin ¤Iskander ¤Peony
10/07 [NSFW] Kue: Worst. Vacation. Ever.
¤Iskander ¤Esther ¤Macha ¤Sanji
10/16 [NSFW] Radiation: More than they bargained for
10/17 [NSFW] Dies Ater: Arietta sleeps her way through Midas
¤Rin ¤Maki ¤Peony ¤Jade ¤Kallen ¤Zuko ¤Leorio ¤Shima & Rin ¤Hitoshura ¤Saber
10/17 [NSFW] Chasing Crows: A bird and cat fight
10/17 [NSFW] Monsters: What could be better? Guys being cats.
10/23 Cats: Can't hung every cat
10/24 Neighbors: Vivi comes to visit

November 2015
11/06 Meeting: Leandro's Secret
¤Luffy & Fujimaru & Iori & Sanji & Law
11/06 Meeting: Memories
¤Rin & Law & Luffy
11/13 Science: Exploring Tanagura's southeast sector
¤Luffy ¤Perona ¤Chidori
11/13 Tinder: Is this flirting??
11/13 [NSFW] Chicken Boy: Not good for a one night stand
11/14 Liger Chase 2: Electric Boogaloo
11/20 [NSFW]Falling Down: The Breaking Point
¤Blake ¤Saber ¤Jin ¤Rin
11/23 Quit: Telling the truth

December 2015
12/01 Bossman: Blake's not the only Full-time Catgirl
12/02 Catpuccino: Cat Cafe
¤Clear ¤Saber
12/03 [NSFW] Bar-sex: Going for a Rider
12/04 [NSFW] Coping: Cruising for Cowboys
12/06 Kink Shaming: Embarrassing Text Messages
12/11 Development: Drinking with a murderer
12/12 Santa Harassment: Memories of Ion
¤Ion Fortuna
12/14 Sasan: Winter Wonderland
¤Esther ¤Nero
12/14 Skating: Pets on Ice
12/28 Birthday: Happy Birthday Rin!
¤Rin ¤Law
12/28 King's Game: Free-for-all!
¤Round 1 ¤Round 2

January 2015
1/04 Costumes: Enter the Amazing Guy!
1/06 Death: They don't disappear
¤Haru & Hitoshura
1/06 Funeral March: Saying good-bye to Shima
1/09 Disappear: Chidori Alone
1/13 PETCC: Facing her fears
¤Mu ¤Sion ¤Balthier ¤Haru ¤Tanaka ¤Blake
1/13 Toy Shopping: The Dildo Incident
1/15 Grooming: Hair Play
1/23 [NSFW] Beauty Pageant: Challenging her fears
¤Blake ¤Tanaka ¤Seren ¤Rin
1/23 Shameful: They might be giants
1/27 Auldrant: A new development

February 2015
2/01 Sledding: Playing in the snow
2/06 Savior: Rescuing the chef
2/09 [NSFW] Booty Call: I'd like to phone a friend
2/13 [NSFW] Lupercalia / Red String Festival: Take Two
¤Rin ¤Kallen ¤Vivi ¤Tanaka ¤Jade ¤Esther
2/13 Demon Love: Liger Strings
2/15 Quickrescue: Drinks with a friend
2/18 Ligerbombing: Oneesan seeking kanojo for ototo-kun
2/23 Black Market Showdown: Take Two
2/23 Loss: When she failed him
2/23 Demon v. Demon: Jade attacks
2/23 Liger Bro: Chicken Boy and Shiny-tooth Human
¤Liger & Tanaka & Gyro

March 2016
3/13 [NSFW] Portae: A visit from a new world
¤Midorima ¤Mary ¤Blake ¤Lys ¤Ion ¤Rin
3/13 Seven Minutes: Trapped in the closet
3/13 Age Flip: Size Differences
3/14 Memories: Sportsball with Ryu
3/15 [NSFW] Emphatic Gallery: Fantasies
3/29 Dildo Bikes: That's not how that works!

April 2016
4/03 Hot Springs: Planning a raid
4/07 [NSFW] Movie Night: Drunkietta Strikes Back
¤Chrome ¤Seren
4/07 Movie Night: Pass the Brain Bleach
4/07 Movie Night: Friendly Flirting
4/10 Liger Rescue: Pet Abuse
4/11 Bad Pet: The Breaking Point
4/17 Liger Mud Brawls: The Trials of Falcon
4/23 Chaos: Fighting the X2
¤Gokudera ¤Hugo ¤Midorima
4/27 Fernando: Post Battle

May 2016
5/01 Catch-all: Wound Licking
¤Gyro ¤Hugo ¤Mary ¤Noiz ¤Lys ¤Koishi
Non-canon TDM
5/05 I Love You, Rin
5/12 [NSFW] Double Time: Toys with Tanaka
5/18 Black Out: Drunk Advice
5/23 A talk: Is it a lie if you think it's true?
5/24 What now? Memories in Diedo
5/25 Kaname's Memories: A much needed girl's night
5/27 Important Haircut: Not quite a rescue
5/30 The Bounty Hunter: Ligers on Ice

June 2016
6/01 Liger Hunting: This week on animal planet
6/02 Backsliding: A day to forget
6/06 Mary: Attacked
¤Erza & Mary
6/07 Captain Batman: Quickly Unmasked
6/13 Liger Chase 3: Confirmed
¤Midorima ¤Shal ¤Koishi ¤Gokudera ¤Noiz ¤Hitoshura ¤Gon ¤Rin
6/13 Sing-a-long: Casually breaking and entering

July 2016
7/02 [NSFW] Ryu's Memories: And comfort sex
 [NSFW] Domme: Put him in his place
7/10 Rin Attacked: Anniversary 
7/19 Dildo Slap: Poor Suga
7/20 [NSFW] Booty: Shotalolicon
7/27 Wildcats: Worst First Impression Ever
7/28 Happy Birthday Arietta!
¤Mary ¤Law ¤Lys ¤Shal ¤Blake ¤Noiz
7/28 The Truth

August 2016
8/01 Co-workers: JRPG Bullshit
8/10 Pick-up: A building sexual harassment lawsuit
8/14 [NSFW] Return to Her Bay
¤Rin ¤Kaname ¤Lys ¤Weiss ¤Momo ¤Tentacles ¤Seren
8/15 [NSFW] Ponyboy: Lucid Dreaming
8/16 [NSFW] MidoriNO: Cheerleader Co-ed

September 2016
9/16 2spoopy: Candle World
9/26 Digital Skin

October 2016
10/13 [NSFW] Cats and Dogs
10/14 Dies Ater Again
10/14 [NSFW] Kittyua
10/15 [NSFW] Snakeman
10/16 [NSFW] Gao Gao
10/18 [NSFW] Catsex
10/23 TFLN
¤Noiz ¤Koishi
10/31 A Bad Man

November 2016
11/02 A day in the life
¤Law ¤Shal ¤Rin ¤Erza ¤Koishi ¤Noiz

December 2016
12/01 [NSFW] Nightwatch: Staying safe
Spectrum Party
¤Momo ¤Mary ¤Mihai ¤Shal
12/04 Mistletoe: Liger Kisses
12/18 Snowball Fight
¤Midorima ¤Noiz
12/18 Poison Snowballs: Poison Friendship
12/23 Saving Shal
¤Shal ¤Oulan
12/23 Saving Noiz
¤Noiz ¤Petra

January 2017
1/03 Crossdressing
1/05 Stalker
¤Killua +Hank +???
1/06 Worried
1/16 [NSFW] Saved by the Cock 3: Healing Pussy
1/23 Eye Trauma
1/30 [NSFW] Dragon Seducing

February 2017
2/10 Crescendo: And then it gets worse
¤Noiz ¤Law ¤Dylas ¤Killua ¤Shal ¤Jae-Ha
2/12 Hallucinogen 
2/14 Hello Fellow Woofs
2/16 Spoopy Emails: A Confrontation
¤Rin +???
2/17 A Clue: Who is Kray?
¤Killua +Hank
2/17 Checking in
2/17 Telling the Boss
2/22 [NSFW] Tastietta

March 2017
3/01 Explode: Flying Away
3/05 Reunion: Avoiding Hypothermia
3/06 Licking: Tastietta Returns
3/14 Tanagurapalooza
¤Atsushi ¤Mihai ¤Rin
3/20 Adfontes: Drugs r bad
3/20 [NSFW] Smut Catch-all: Gotta bang 'em all
¤Petra ¤Tanaka ¤Killua ¤Noiz
3/28 Finale: The end of Ron Kray
¤Rin & Killua & Mephisto ¤Shima & Gyro ¤Law & Mihai ¤Hand-waved Summary

April 2017
4/18 [NSFW] Locker: Hot Make-outs
4/19 [NSFW] Ghost Sex: And then Rin got kinkshamed
4/20 Homework: Rejected

May 2017

5/10 Info Meeting: Offworlder Exchange
¤Atsushi ¤Noiz ¤Natsume ¤Dylas ¤Gyro ¤Gokudera ¤En ¤Various
5/25 Martial Law: Change is coming
¤En ¤Law ¤Shal ¤Seren ¤Noiz ¤Killua ¤Oulan ¤Rin

June 2017
6/15 Remembering Earth: Language Barrier
6/16 [NSFW] Cats and Dogs: A Petplay Experience
6/17 [NSFW] Breeding: Kink Tattoos

July 2017

7/12 Truth or Dare?
¤Petra ¤Rin ¤Hisoka ¤Natsume & Rin ¤Remilia & Petra ¤Rin & Mephisto & Shima ¤Fai ¤Shima ¤Remilia

August 2017
8/13 Ligers and Vampires
8/25 Resurrection: Playercest: The Thread
¤Rin & Mephisto