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Kink List + Permissions

Kink List can be found here.




Ask first. Always okay.
Contact: Private Plurk or Private Message.

• PACE: If both of us are online, I love boomeranging tags back and forth, especially for when threads are just starting! Otherwise, I'll try to tag at least once every 1-3 days.
• STYLE: I prefer commentspam style personally, but don't mind going into prose for smut threads when they get more action-heavy versus dialogue heavy. I'll match whatever you do!
• BACKTAGGING: Like I said before, I really do like boomerang style when a thread is still starting out, since that's when I have the most excitement for it and can churn out tags faster! I'll happily backtag threads, but the older it gets, the harder it can be to get back into the groove with it, so I might tag older threads slower.
• THREADJACKING: Fine for big clusterfuck-type posts where everyone and everything is threadjacking, but otherwise please ask first!
• SPONTANEOUS VS PLANNED: Spontaneous gen threads are always good, but I like planning smut out at least a little bit. But if a thread looks like it's heading in another direction, I don't mind things going differently! Especially for smut threads, at least lining up what kind of kinks will/won't appear is best.
• INFOMODDING/GODMODDING: Always contact me first. Unless I'm alluding to something in the bracket text that would be noticeable, your character wouldn't be able to know it.
• FIGHTS/INJURIES/DEATH: Arietta is fairly violent and unpredictable. Her artes are very powerful, so even though she's not very strong physically, it would be difficult to take her on in a fight. She has no qualms with killing people who bother her, and doesn't really know when to hold back. I'll always let you know either oocly or in bracket text if she's getting to that point, though! I'm generally fine with injuries, but would like to avoid death on either side.
• FLIRTING/KISSING/ETC.: Feel free to flirt with and kiss her to your heart's content! She's pretty used to it by now.

• WHAT TO EXPECT: A shy, tiny girl who loves monsters, but has a horrible temper when pushed or teased. Her smiles are rare and her default expression is usually a frown. Her moods change quickly, making her unpredictable at best and dangerous at worse.

Smutting (IC)
• SEXUALITY: Generally heterosexual, but not against encounters with women.
• TOP/BOTTOM: Switch, but generally prefers to submit when with someone who is willing to take control. But she'll take back control if she isn't getting what she wants.
• AGE PREFERENCE: No one who looks younger than her or looks older than 40.
• HOW TO GET WITH HER: Make some kind of connection with her and get her reasonably aroused. If she's into it, she doesn't mind some wrestling/struggling.
• HOW TO NOT GET WITH HER: Unless you're looking for non-con, trying to force her right off the bat may result in a Mystic Arte to the face.
• THINGS SHE ABSOLUTELY WON'T DO: Anything that would involve hurting someone she considers to be her friend.

Smutting (OOC)
• ACCEPTED/PREFERRED PARTNERS: Open to characters of any gender or species (humanoid). Anything that falls further into the xeno/beastiality range will be case-by-case basis. Similarly, I go on a case-by-case basis for characters near the 50s+ range.
• SHOTA/LOLICON/AGE AND MENTALITY PREFERENCES: If they're allowed in the game, I'm good with anything! But no characters who are extremely innocent/naive about sex.
• WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: Characters who will challenge her or cause some kind of friction work best, especially when there's friction but it's still generally positive.
• WHAT I'M NOT LOOKING FOR: Pillow queens. I don't mind if your character wouldn't be very proactive or reciprocate as much as long as you give me something to work with oocly. Additionally, characters who aren't very reactive can be difficult to thread with her.
• WHAT I ABSOLUTELY WON'T DO: Aside from stuff on my No list, I'll be very selective about any threads involving blood because I can be a little squeamish about it. Generally as long as I'm expecting it in the thread I'll be fine, but if something gets too descriptive (e.g. vivid descriptions of broken bones, lacerations), I'll be sure to let you know.